What Does indieOn Solve

Customer Problem

Current film and music distribution solution under compensate artists, and restrict opportunities for artists to share their creative content and grow their fan base,

They also do nothing to combat identity and financial fraud. You might recall Taylor Swift’s public feud with Spotify and there was the time Thom Yorke, of Radiohead, bitterly attacked streaming services for propping up big record labels instead of emerging artists. Right now, many of the existing platforms are fighting multi-million-dollar lawsuits alleging copyright issues and improper royalty payments. Amid all the high-profile tumult, music streaming is facing a much more quiet, insidious problem: Click fraud. Goldman Sachs’ projection:Streaming will hit $34 billion by 2030, millions of dollars in fraudulently acquired funds could be making their way through the royalty chain. indieOn resolves four major pain points: 
● Protection of musician identity and rights 
● Token reward system for Artists and Audiences 
● Immersive and more intimate entertainment experience for listeners 
● Higher levels of remuneration and faster payout for musicians. 
indieOn seeks global market reach across all genres of music and film demographics. 

indieOn Products and Services

indieOn mobile & browser blockchain Apps create an immutable record protecting against streaming fraud, identity theft & ensuring that artists, musician & filmmakers are paid correctly. We facilitate distribution of creative content to consumers via Smart contracts, protecting IP rights & encouraging audience participation with in-App Tokens for every Share. Tokens are used within the App for products or promotion, & may be migrated & exchanged.

Business Model

Streaming media content is a growth industry. Marketers and consumers are choosing this medium over traditional declining mediums like television. The competitive landscape validates the proof of concept. We believe our unique brand & associated technology combined with a superior remuneration structure, listener engagement via tokenization and of course the dedication of the team, the growth opportunities for indieOn are practically endless.


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