Meet the indieOn Founders

Meet the indieOn Founders

indieOn is a digital music platform built on blockchain technologies to deliver better experiences for Artists and Audiences.

1. Who are the indieOn Founders? 

Nigel Rudlin - Founder and CEO

Micah Hale DO -  Founder and Managing Partner

Sheryle Moon - Founder and Chief Marketing Officer

2. How indieOn works?

indieOn provides a global platform for artists to better market, manage and monetize their creative talents. Artists upload their music and videos to indieOn and are rewarded for doing this. Audiences are able to Like and Share their favorite selections and again they are rewarded for these interactions.

3. Why should Artists of join indieOn?

Artists will benefit from better protection via blockchain and superior remuneration from the multiple revenue streams available at indieOn. Artists are rewarded for uploading their music and videos, the virtual tip jar allows fans to reward them and they can sell their media and merchandise through the App.

4. Why Blockchain for Artists? 

There are three key benefits for Artists: Blockchain provides immutable identity and rights protection for artists. They are protected from illegal downloads as there is a persistent record of all activity on their music or other media. This can also be used to create a more intimate relationship with their fan base.  

5. How Tokens help Artists & Audiences?

NDI is our music currency which is used inside the indieOn economy benefiting Artists and Audiences. Artists are rewarded with tokens when they upload their music and videos to the indieOn app. Audiences are rewarded with tokens, for listening and sharing their favorite selections. Tokens can be used by audience members to Tip artists they enjoy (it’s a virtual tip jar - replacing the physical one you often see next to a performer). Tokens can also be used for in-App purchases of merchandise or downloading songs. Artists can also use their tokens to buy advertising to promote themselves within the indieOn App.   

6. How is different? 

Our unique differentiators lie firstly in the use of blockchain to protect identity and intellectual property rights of artists and secondly we are unique in offering a reward system for Artists and Audiences for interacting on our platform. We do that with tokens which are given to Artists for uploading their works and to audiences for listening and sharing their favorite selections. The Tokens than then be used for in-App purchases such as merchandise or by artists to promote their works to listeners with ads.

We are focussed on creating a new music community with its “economy” based on the NDI Token. Artists and audiences are rewarded with Tokens which can be used for in-App purchases.

7. What are growth plans?

indieOn plans to expand the number of artists on the platform in order to grow our position in the digital music, video and other entertainment offerings space. We want to elevate the stature of Artists who make all our lives more enjoyable by experiencing the art they create.

We already have artists from the USA, the UK and Australia on the App, so seeing a diversity of genres and music from different countries giving audiences a wider variety of entertainment options.   

indieOn is the future of music for Artists and Audiences.

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