The Benefits of Sponsorship

indieOn was the Platinum Sponsor for the inaugural Santa Fe Music Week,(SFMW) which ran from August 24 to September 3, 2018. The event was run across 5 venues with other local pubs, clubs, and cafes offering supplementary events to those under the official SFMW Banner. 

indieOn had a bespoke tent for the event. The tent had a roof and backdrop which was great protection from the monsoonal elements of Santa Fe at this time of year. The team were kitted out in a variety of T-shirts and caps. We had similar collateral available for sale to SFMW attendees.  


indieOn at SFMW.jpg

The concerts ranged across many genres. We attended the concert on the Plaza from 50's band The Fireballs (sometimes billed as Jimmy Glimmer and the Fireballs) are an American Rock and Roll group formed in Raton, NM. They reached #1 on the Billboard R&B Chart with their song "Sugar Shack". 

Two of the concerts were held at teh Santa Fe Opera - which is a beautiful setting for music. The two bands were Robert Earl Keen & the Flatlanders and The Mavericks. Both are Texas bands with different styles and devoted audiences.  


Meet the Musician -Alex Moon

Meet the Musician - Julie Grant