Explaining the NDI Token.


NDI is our music currency which is used inside the indieOn economy benefiting Artists and Audiences. Below are the ways that the NDI Token makes the indieOn ecosystem grows and collaborates via the token. 

1. Artists are rewarded with 20 tokens when they upload 5 pieces of content, be that music, video or other audio content. to the indieOn app.

2. Audiences are rewarded with tokens, for listening and sharing their favorite selections.       

3. Tokens can be used by audience members to Tip artists they enjoy (it’s a virtual tip jar - replacing the physical one you often see next to a performer).

4. Tokens can also be used for in App purchases of merchandise or downloading songs.

5. Artists can also use their tokens to buy advertising to promote themselves within the indieOn App.   

NDI Ticker.png

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