indieOn Named in Top 9 Music Blockchain Startups 2019

The current state of the music business is one that sees a struggling artist go hungry…

Starts Sam Mire of Disruptor Daily fame. In his article Blockchain For The Music Industry: 9 Startups To Watch In 2019 , he goes on to describe the clear advantages of utilising blockchain technology to protect the creative rights & business needs of individuals; in effect side-stepping the oligopoly of music distribution monoliths that have been able to charge almost extortionist rates to use their platforms. Until now.

But for those with real talent, and those in the industry who are overworked but underpaid, there are plenty of blockchain-powered solutions to these business problems coming around the bend.

There’s some excellent startup ideas solving a wide range of creative business needs and it’s worth reading the article. Mires’ synopsis of how indieOn will protect and foster creatives really says it all.

An application for mobile and web browsing based on the blockchain, indieOn takes a comprehensive approach that allows artists to market, manage, and monetize their sonic creations, all the while allowing fans to profit from their interactions with the content. Users vote on the quality of music, allowing a democratized level of crowdsourced quality control that also determines how artists are compensated. Those who engage are rewarded with NDI tokens, providing incentive for both artists and listeners to remain active on indieOn.

As the article is music-centric, we did want to assure you that indieOn leaves no creative out in the dark. Got an indie film? Podcast? Poetry? Bring it!

If you want to own your creative rights forever, set and bank your full price point, protect your distribution rights, get NDI token rewards, join a fledging community of like-minds and much more…

Show us what you’ve got ;)

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