Uploading Your indie Content

Uploading Your indie Content

The indieOn platform is ready! After three years in development, musicians, podcasters and filmmakers can now upload their original content and start earning streaming revenue. Increase your audience and reach, while earning NDI tokens for uploading and sharing fabulous indie creative content. .


Okay, so first thing you'll want to do is download the indieOn App from the App Store to your Iphone. If you have an Android go to Google Play and get the App there. 

Then on your computer go to the Artist Registration Page., and create an account. (user name and password). You will log into your account later on your device.  Only paid subscriber accounts are permitted to upload content to the platform. The subscription runs through your existing Apple account and is $5.99 per month. This is also how the streaming revenue comes back to you. On Google Play the card used to sign up will be where streaming payments are made back to you. Once you have confirmed your account, the screen allowing you to upload creative content will be available.

Streaming payment rates vary by country.

For songs and podcasts the platform accommodates all audio formats. For film the description is limited to 250 characters, including spaces so it's best to have this done on a program like Word beforehand.

Streaming rates vary by country( per hour)USA $0.10, Germany Austria Japan $0.07, UK 4p.


 Artists can upload video contents up-to following settings. types:

  1. 1080p (Full HD) with 8mbps (8192kbps) and Video bit rate, standard frame rate: 24, 25, 30

  2. 1080p (Full HD) with 12mbps (12,288bps) and Video bit rate high frame rate: 48, 50, 60

  3. 720p with 5mbps (5,120kbps) and Video bit rate, standard frame rate: 24, 25, 30

  4. 720p with 7.5mbps (7,680bps) and Video bit rate high frame rate: 48, 50, 60.  

  5. Types below 720p are supported but not recommended, because of the video low qualit

  6. indieOn does not support video content higher then 1080p (Full HD).

Once you have registered you will be provided with a unique NDI Token wallet address which collects all Tokens you accumulate for interacting with the indieOn platform.


New paid subscribers receive 100 NDI Tokens. This is a one time reward for joining the indieOn community, Artists uploading music receive 50 NDI Tokens per song. There is no cap on the number of uploads by any musician and no threshhold on NDI Tokens that can be earned.

For Filmamkers they will receive 150 NDI Tokens for a short film (15minutes or less); 300 NDI Tokens for a film of 16-30minutes; 450 NDI Tokens for a film of 31-60minutes; 600 NDI Tokens for a film of 60-90minutes and 750 NDI Tokens for films that are longer than 90minutes.


When a subscriber shares content from the indieOn platform and that results in a new community subscriber, the existing member receives 25 NDI tokens and the new subscriber receives 100 NDI Tokens..

Collaboration Across Music Styles

Collaboration Across Music Styles

Prominent Music Business Expert Moses Avalon joins indieOn

Prominent Music Business Expert Moses Avalon joins indieOn